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Which programming language should you learn? Python or PHP?


Possibly the most important question or concern is how long each language takes to learn and this varies for each language. So which should you learn for the best chance at a successful career in programming? A number of surveys have included both Python and PHP in their lists of most popular coding languages. But PHP is used widely by web developers as a server-side scripting language, whereas Python is hugely popular as a dynamic and general-purpose programming language.


In this comparison of PHP and Python it is clear that the demand for PHP in the market is high as well as PHP programmers. But having used both programming languages for development, I found Python easier to learn. Python is also faster compared to PHP.

While writing PHP code, the developers have to frequently use dollar signs, curly braces and "->", while ignoring whitespace. On the other hand, Python is designed from the beginning as a highly readable language. So it does not require programmers to use a lot of curly braces.

I also realized that Python has no 'switch' statement and 'do... while' construct which is a big limitation.


When it comes to hosting, generally think that PHP is more easier to host. This is because PHP mostly supports all major servers (not that Python does not) like Apache, Microsoft IIS, you name it. Even Netscape and personal servers.

Also, PHP requires very little configuration as compared to Python since most of the PHP server configuration details are usually already setup. But honestly speaking, working on more PHP projects compared to Python fuels my preference for PHP when it comes to hosting.


I'm on the fence when it comes to which is a more secure language. Yes, PHP is well known as an unsecured language, but developers oftenly use additional tools to enhance the security of PHP applications.

Python one the other hand is currently one of the most secure and robust programming languages. It security features make it one of the best languages for writing complex and mission-critical software applications.


Often developers find it a daunting challenge to decide which is better, PHP or Python. But many developers prefer using PHP for developing modern websites and internet applications rapidly. At the same time, Python is being used by programmers to create a variety of scalable software applications. It can also be used for web development.

I therefore think that developers must evaluate the features of both PHP and Python according to the specific needs of their project. It is always important for the developers to choose the programming language that perfectly complement their requirements, while allowing them to create the software application within a stipulated amount of time.

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