Java, Spark Framework, JUnit v4.12, PostgreSQL, Responsive Design, CS5(Bootstrap), Velocity Templating Engine & JavaScript(jQuery)

Hair Salon

manages the basic operations of a boutique

A modern boutique directory website

Reliable and Performant. Java boutique web application built on top of the Spark framework.

surestep - Home

My work on Hair Salon.

I was responsible for the project Analysis & Front / Back-End development.

Add New Stylist

Hair Salon APP

Add Stylist

Add new stylists form.

Stylists Page

Hair Salon APP

Added Stylists Section

Stylists Page.

Delete Stylist

Hair Salon APP

Delete Stylist Page

Delete Stylist from Hair Salon.

Adding Clients

Hair Salon APP

Adding Clients

Adding Clients to Stylists.

Stylist's Clients

Hair Salon APP

Stylist's Clients

Clients for given Stylists.


This project was done in May 2018. The site should be live at

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